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Cema Santos is a Brazilian, born in Manaus, north of Brazil but with lots of seasoning of the South of Brazil. She has been living in Perth for the third time, for almost 12 years in total.  

 With a Brazilian husband and an Australian son, and after traveling the world with her family due to her husband’s work, she chose Perth to call “home sweet home” and her family settled in with her. 

Cema has opened the doors to her life to the new country in which she decided to live in, bringing along her passion for life, people, music, gastronomy, health research & science.

It was in her kitchen, a long time ago, that an epidemiologist turned an organizer of events and that transformed a gourmet in an apprentice of a chef. Some of her friends say she is an apprentice of a wizard, since she does true miracles in the kitchen. 

The BZest was created to celebrate the cultural mix between Australians, Brazilians and all ethnical backgrounds, bringing to Australia the music, food and soul from Brazil.

by Leticia Navegantes



BZest  Services

BZest is an Australian company working to promote great events in Perth, seasoned with world music.

 When possible, BZest will bring food events (from all around the world) to share with everyone in Perth. 

 BZest Services include: Management, Logistic, Organization and Promotion of Community, Scientific and Social Events

 Catering for Parties and Corporate Events

 Contact: 040 571 1199

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